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Volleyball for 4-6 year olds

Introduce your kids to volleyball on their level in a fun environment with our camps.

Early Start Volleyball

Introduce your kids to volleyball this spring

Fundamental Skills
Kids learn the skills of volleyball on their level during our 4 week camps.
Build Values Early
We create an enviroment that fosters motivation, positivity, and practice to help children build character skills.
Engage With Others
Your child will learn about sportsmanship, being part of a team, and encouraging themselves and others.
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Start your kids in volleyball early!

Our volleyball camps are designed for little players to learn to play, and learn to love the game. Click the link below to learn more or sign up for our next camp camp!
Small group classes
Each child gets more encouragement and attention in our small groups.
Soft touch balls
Learn skills with real volleyballs that are lighter and softer, perfect for young players.
Adjustable height nets
Tall nets make starting young hard. Our adjustable nets let us provide the perfect level of challenge to help kids learn.
Positive environment
Everything is designed to be fun and engaging to grow a love for the game and good social skills.
Meet Your Coach

Hi, I'm Cameron!

I can't wait to help your little ones grow.

Master of Arts in Education. Minor in Athletic Leadership.
20 years of volleyball experience
Passionate about spreading the love of volleyball.
Years coaching
Years teaching
Hear from players and moms who have worked with Spark's head coach before...

Feedback for your coach!

"Cameron made me fall in love with the sport. She made it possible for me to expand opportunities and take volleyball with me to college!”
Sydney N. -Player
"Cameron is definitely one of the most positive, supportive and encouraging coaches I have ever had any experience with!"
Logan A. - Player
"Cameron was by far the best volleyball coach I ever had throughout grade school. I can’t wait until my own kids can join her programs!”
Faith R. -Player
"Cameron was an excellent coach who spent personal time with each girl teaching them the skills of volleyball"
Paula P. -Mom

Teaching kids through play!

Learn to control your body and perform basic volleyball skills.
Work together with others towards a goal.
Enjoy your practice and don't give up when it's hard.
Be a player that others love to play with.
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