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What is Spark Volleyball?

We Introduce 3-7 year olds to volleyball in a fun way

Your kids will learn the basic volleyball moves in fun and playful games.

They will learn about passing, setting, hitting, and serving.

Children who are brand new to volleyball will succeed at these skills for the first time.

Returning students will get to practice and improve with lots of encouragement and attention

Give kids a head start in a sport they will love

By making each session with your kids fun, they develop an excitement and enjoyment for the game of volleyball.

Playful training helps your little ones develop a passion for volleyball.

They'll enjoy playing competitively or just for fun for years to come.
“Cameron was the best coach my daughter ever had. She knew volleyball and passed it on in a way the kids could understand.”
Christy A. -Mom
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Meet Your Coach

Hi, I'm Cameron!

I can't wait to help your little ones grow.

Master of Arts in Education. Minor in Athletic Leadership.
20 years of volleyball experience
Passionate about spreading the love of volleyball.
Years coaching
Years teaching
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Feedback for your coach!

"Cameron made me fall in love with the sport. She made it possible for me to expand opportunities and take volleyball with me to college!”
Sydney N. -Player
"Cameron is definitely one of the most positive, supportive and encouraging coaches I have ever had any experience with!"
Logan A. - Player
"Cameron was by far the best volleyball coach I ever had throughout grade school. I can’t wait until my own kids can join her programs!”
Faith R. -Player
"Cameron was an excellent coach who spent personal time with each girl teaching them the skills of volleyball"
Paula P. -Mom